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Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick and effective non-surgical way to tackle the signs of ageing. As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This causes fine lines to set into the skin, due to repeated movements and natural sagging. Wrinkles are the most common and obvious sign of skin ageing.

As our skin ages, it loses volume and elasticity, losing the ability to bounce back. As a result, creases that naturally occur as our skin moves become permanent due to repetitive movements such as facial expressions. An anti-ageing injectable treatment can help to slow down these signs of aging Anti-wrinkle treatments can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles including lines along the forehead and the outer corners of the eyes.

The most common areas of application for wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxants are crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), frown lines (lines between the eyebrows), and forehead lines. Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for more than two decades in aesthetic cosmetics to rejuvenate the appearance of skin ageing, smooth existing wrinkles, and prevent others from developing.

This procedure can also be used to reduce bunny lines (lines on the side of the nose), to avoid a gummy smile (to lower the upper lip and reduce the appearance of the upper gum), to lift the brow area, or to slim the jawline (facial slimming). Also, excessive sweating can be treated with muscle relaxant injections.

A person seeking treatment is advised to ensure the consultant is suitably qualified and experienced