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What is Vein Removal?

Vein Removal works by using a narrow laser beam to target the vein using an accurate application. The red blood cells in the thread veins absorb the laser energy, causing the blood within the vein to warm up, harming the wall of the vein. This reaction causes the thread vein to shut down. As soon as the vein has closed down, the body absorbs it, causing it to vanish.

Frequently Asked Questions : What are thread veins ?

Thread Veins (also called spider veins, broken blood vessels, damaged veins or capillary veins), are little red, blue or purple veins that generally appear near the surface area of the skin on the thighs, calves and ankles and face.

How many treatments are required?

As the Vein Removal treatment is completely getting rid of the vein, one treatment is normally needed. Nevertheless, your treatment plan will need to be evaluated during the consultation as this is dependent upon each client. How long does it take to see results?

Instant results can be seen with the vein noticeably vanishing during the treatment. Is any aftercare needed?
Straight after the treatment, the treated area may appear red. This is simply the skin’s natural response and it should normally settle within 24 hours. We will offer you aftercare brochures and details.